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SelfieSign Autograph NFT for Artists

Your Art + Valuable Autographs = Profit in Your Wallet


Benefits for artists



Securing your art legacy

Ensuring your work will be remembered and valued for generations



Monetizing your artwork

With every transaction made from SelfieSign Autograph NFT signed on your autograph card template, receive 4% of the total sales directly in your wallet.



Adding value to your art

Boost the value of your art by having it signed by influential figures



Increasing exposure

Grow your reach and showcase your work to a wider audience


Here's how it works

(1) Sign up for a free account and select 'Artist/Designer' as your Member Type.

(2) Log in to your account using the email and password you set.

(3) Click your profile and connect your MetaMask Wallet to your profile to receive 4% of sales from NFTs signed on your Autograph Card Template.


(4) Click here to upload your artwork as an Autograph Card Template

(5) Edit or delete your Autograph Card Template here.


(6) Drag and drop the functionalities you want to add to your Autograph Card Template

  • SignBlock: Place for autograph

  • Text Area: Space for the signer to leave a message

  • Photos: Option for fans/signers to take a picture together or only the picture of the signer.

(7) After you finish, click ' Setting Done ', and your Autograph Card Template is ready to use!

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