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Autograph, but alive

Meeting your idol must be a very memorable moment in life. While autograph is a way to have a remembrance of this moment, SelfieSign Autograph NFT serves this purpose, in a more vivid way.  Live the memory with the recording of your favorite celebrities signing the autograph for you. 


Make it a digital asset.

You have the option to mint your SelfieSign Autograph into an NFT digital asset. Make your collectable more valuable.

SelfieSign Autograph NFT

A place for artists, creators, fans, collectors, celebrities, athletes, anyone. A place to record and live your memory.


SelfieSign Autograph NFT

Record the Autograph,Live the Memory
Profit in
Your Wallet
SelfieSign Autograph NFT for Artists

Make your art as an autograph card and watch it come to life as a valuable collectible. With a percentage share of each sale, turn your passion into profit with SelfieSign Autograph NFT.

SelfieSign Autograph NFT for Collectors

Experience autograph collecting like never before. Collect the signature and the memory of your favorite celebrities in one unique, non-fungible digital asset.

Autograph Collectibles 3.0

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